St. Francis Catholic Worker Madison

About Us

We are a community forming in the tradition of the Catholic Worker in the Madison area. We envision a house of hospitality and prayer where people of all economic and social strata can come together to pursue their temporal and spiritual goals.

We also hope to serve as a center of spirituality within the Catholic Worker tradition finding God in solidarity with the poor. To read more about the spirituality of the St. Francis Catholic Worker click here.

We are motivated in part by the need for those transitioning from a life on the margins of society to have a stable place to grow and heal as they seek to reenter society. We are also motivated by our own desire to be truly brother and sister with all of humanity and to grow in that desire through service.

The Catholic Worker is a movement with core values of solidarity with the poor and abandoned, commitment to nonviolence, social justice and prayer. The movement was started by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in 1933 and has since grown to a loosely connected group of hundreds of houses of hospitality and community farms throughout the country.

See our Facebook page, blog, and events page for the latest on our Madison community. To learn more about the Catholic Worker, Dorothy Day and other Catholic Worker communities in the United States visit our Catholic Worker Resources page.

Here is an out-of-date printable brochure. (last updated 8/7/14)